Imagine every morning feeling enthusiastic, inspired & filled with excitement!!


Sound like a dream?

Let me guess—overall, you feel “alright.”

Some days are better than others...but, you know

- brain fog

- bloating

- exhaustion

- anxiety

- stress

...they all come and go, but you figure it’s just life.

I get it, I was there, too!

Well, here's a little secret:



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What's Included:

  • increased joy & happiness
  • more energy
  • improved gut health & nutrition
  • lower stress & anxiety
  • emotional eating & weight mindset shift
  • better nutrition habits  
  • increased libido and desire 
  • better sleep 
  • hormone balance
  • strength & flexibility
  • body confidence
  • overall performance

Invest in yourself, get to the next level and reach your goals—let's do it together! 

Every time we invest in our health, education, business, we grow more than we could ever imagine. We aren’t meant to go at life alone.

It's your's your turn.


Hi! I’m

Dr. Nicole Marcione…

 ...I get it and I’m here to help you live better, longer, with vibrancy, joy and enthusiasm!

As a leading expert in longevity, brain health, and Pilates, wellness has long been a passion of mine. And, there is nothing that brings me more joy than sharing that passion with other women. 

How did I get here? The story begins in 2003 when I fell in love with Pilates as a form of movement. I soon became an instructor and was fortunate to be one of only 18 people worldwide to complete “The Work” and “Teaching the Work” by Jay Grimes, a protegé of Pilates founder, Joe Pilates. As my love of health and movement continued to grow, I was inspired to return to school in 2011, where I studied longevity and lifespan health. 

Nine years later, I now have my PhD among other wellness-related certifications (see below). 

Outside of teaching Pilates and leading my wellness programs, locally and internationally, I love to sweat it out through hiking, yoga, running, and working out with The Class by Taryn Toomey. 

My hope is that my love and enthusiasm for wellness inspires YOU to create a more vibrant life for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Join me today!

What happy clients have to say...

"Nicole has been very instrumental in helping me get my body to a strong and healthy state. Her knowledge of the body, nutrition, and how each play a part in one's overall health and well being, along with her meticulous coaching, have had a positive and lasting impact on how I live my daily life. From working with Nicole over the years, she has brought a broader awareness and understanding to me in developing and maintaining a healthy body through movement and diet/nutrition.” -Marilynn H.


“I found Dr. Nicole Marcione during the quarantine and I’m so glad I did! Her workshops in gut-brain health and her Pilates classes have reinforced my practice by helping me understand the scientifically based reasons on the importance of diet and exercise as one ages. I am not only getting stronger but at age 60, I am feeling less joint pain than I have in years. Her knowledge, positive teaching style and specificity are unparalleled.” -Leslie N.


“Dr. Nicole has helped me immensely. She cares about you as a person and wants you to succeed. I’m fortunate to have learned from her in the areas of fitness, nutrition and brain health.” -Evelyn L.


“I’m grateful to have had Nicole’s help during one of the most stressful times in my life. Her enthusiasm in promoting well-being, along with her compassionate nature, makes her a very knowledgeable person for enhancing physical and mental health.” -Yo S. PhD


"Dr. Nicole Is an invaluable resource. Despite my training as a Physician, I didn't not have a thorough background in holistic treatments. Her breadth of knowledge is humbling and wonderful. She has aided us (my husband and teens) in our health journey and she continues to be a fountain of positive information. Her vivacious demeanor and wit are lovely to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Nicole!" - Amanda, MD

If these women can accomplish all these things and more, you can too!

Ready to create the life you were meant to live??

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8-Week Group Coaching Program: $799


· 8 Weekly live group coaching calls ($2000 value) 

· 1:1 private coaching call with Dr. Nicole ($249 value)

· Wellness coaching and support via email & an exclusive private member Facebook Group ($400 value)

· Weekly Pilates classes ($200 value)

Bonuses: Guest experts tailored to the group's needs (priceless)


Pay in full $799 ($200 savings)


2 payments of $499



The High Vibe Coaching Collective

If you know that change is possible, taking care of your health is non-negotiable and you’re ready to feel better than you ever have before using Dr. Nicole's 4 Pillars of Longevity,

The High Vibe Coaching Collective is for you: 

  • you are a high-level performer, in-the-know woman that is too sophisticated to fall for health fads and diet gimmicks that the current "experts" are touting
  • you’re excited about having strong, consistent support
  • you desire a community of women who get you
  • you have a deep knowing that focusing on your mind, body, and spirit is essential to how you show up every day for those that need you most
  • you know there’s another level of joy you can reach
  • you are excited about being a part of an inner-circle of like-minded, driven, kick-ass women!

In this unique 8-week virtual health coaching program, you will receive the support and motivation necessary to take your wellness to the next level.

Successful coaching programs consist of education, coaching AND community!

What you get…

  • weekly teaching and individualized coaching and support during the group calls with me, Dr. Nicole Marcione, a certified holistic health coach and body-brain longevity expert.
  • love and support from a collective of women who are also on the path to living their best, most vibrant lives. 
  • ...access to expert guest speakers on the topics of mental wellness, meditation, gut health, nutrition (i.e. macros, fermented foods), aging, sex and pelvic floor health, career, style, longevity, and stress resilience.
  • practical action steps to incorporate lifestyle changes into your everyday activities.
  • ...a jump start on living the life of your dreams!