A global community dedicated to helping educate, elevate, and connect Pilates instructors worldwide. 

Join a circle of teachers from all backgrounds, as we create thriving lives and businesses. 

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A global community of Pilates instructors connecting and supporting each other.

Join a circle of teachers from around the world, as we create thriving lives and businesses. 

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You’re an amazing pilates instructor....
you have the certifications, the training hours, and, most importantly, the deep desire to impact the lives of your clients.
So why doesn’t your business or bank account reflect that? 
Because no matter where you were trained, you almost certainly never had a course on implementing marketing plans or creating multiple streams of revenue or how to take your business from in-the-studio to on-line overnight.
The Pilates Mastermind serves up real world business strategy know-how inside the container of connection and community. In bringing together instructors from around the world, you’ll be exposed to a rich diversity of ideas and perspectives.
And here’s the truth: after the year we’ve all had, we need community more than ever. We’ve learned from experience that the real self-care—the kind we can’t (and shouldn’t have to) do without—is honest, authentic connection with like-minded people who support and inspire us.
Ready To Go!

Growing Our Businesses, Together.

Every month in The Pilates Mastermind we:


+ Our monthly Connection Call focuses on building intimacy and bringing Community members together to share, brain-storm, network & collaborate.
+ Chat on our private, non-social media platform, which allows for members to connect whenever they’d like, deepening connections and support all month long.


+ Coaching Q+A call every month, hosted by Dr. Nicole, where you can learn business tips and growth strategies from her and other guest experts.
+ Our Journal/Book Club serves to expand your knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, brain-body connection to expand your teaching abilities. 

Take Action

+ Our monthly Group Workout lets us literally take action and move our bodies, together! And have the chance to talk about teaching.
+ Implement all the business growth strategies and tools you’ve learned from Dr. Nicole, experts, and your very wise fellow TPMers. Finally receive the accountability you've been searching for.

The Support You've Been Wanting

In Just 3 Steps
1. Join the Community 

Discover a supportive group of like-minded teachers from all over the world.

2. Gain support & confidence 

Know that this is your place to go for all your needs as a Pilates teacher. Share, celebrate & listen together.

3. Relax & drop the overwhelm.

When you feel seen, heard & understood...nothing can stop you from creating the life you desire!

Community + Mentorship + Education 

Let's Do This!

Why join TPM Global Community?

  • Mentorship and Accountability.
    • Every month Dr. Nicole will host a coaching call where she or an expert will share real-world business growth, revenue diversification, strategic marketing, pivoting to/expanding online offerings, and more. 
  • Business Growth Strategies and Tools.
    • Perhaps even more important than learning from experts is the chance for us to learn from one another. What’s worked? Who tried something new that was a huge success? What tools have helped you transition your business? This is the safe place to ask questions, share best practices, network, and to collaborate with one another.
  • Private Community of Passionate Pilates Instructors.
    • After a year away from your IRL clients, stuck behind a screen or alone in our studios -- you’re hungry for real, meaningful conversations with other instructors who understand the struggle and are motivated to create something more.
  • Sounding Board of Professional Peers.
    • An authentic, supportive community to share doubts, celebrate wins, and make plans to grow your business with, whatever the future may hold.
  • Journal/Book Club.
    • Once per month we’ll discuss a book to expand your business or a scientific journal article (anatomy, biomechanics, brain-body connection) to expand your teaching abilities.
  • Monthly Group Workout.
    • Let’s hang out for an hour doing what we love: moving our bodies together!
Join The Global Community

Miryam, Beirut

"Dr. Nicole makes learning and achieving goals easy and is full of encouragement & inspiration. She allows for you to go at your pace with just the right amount of push! Can’t say enough about this [program]."

Kerstin, Mexico

"Thank you Dr. Nicole for showing your attention for each one of us and for encouraging me to reveal myself. With your knowledge, your calm and reassuring voice, you highlighted my strengths and extracted my powerful resources."

Beth, USA

"Dr. Nicole knows her stuff! Genuine and ready to help. What I loved about this program is that we touched upon different topics, such as liming beliefs, money blocks, confidence, finance. Everything that one entrepreneur needs! Thank you!"

Meet Dr. Nicole Marcione

My mission is to help Pilates instructors create & grow their online business and make more money, shamelessly. I believe that as women earn more and create massive abundance, they invest in their families and communities, ultimately making the world a better place.
In 2003, I discovered and instantly knew that Pilates was my calling. I became an instructor, completing my 1020-hour advanced teaching training and master program at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado. It was an incredible honor to also study under Jay Grimes In 2012, I completed Grimes’ program, “The Work” and in 2014, I was invited back to complete “Teaching the Work”—one of only 18 people worldwide to do both.
Along with deepening pilates practice, I returned to school in 2011 to study and research longevity, brain health & movement, culminating in a PhD. in Biokinesiology in 2019.
I want YOU to feel supported, connected, and to have a thriving pilates business.


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a group of fellow instructors, business owners, and brilliant women to form authentic connections with: to support, listen, uplift, & celebrate you.
mindset, strategies, and implementation of real-world tools to cultivate a business (and income) that are thriving.
advice, Q+A sessions, accountability, and strategy from Dr. Nicole and expert guest speakers.
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Here’s the truth. This year has been challenging for all of us. And if you've made it this far, you know you belong in this community! 
You deserve to be surrounded by a tribe rooting you on, celebrating the wins, supporting through tough times, and sharing best tips.
You’re worthy of attentive mentorship and the support of experts who can guide you to success.
You’re meant to thrive. You’re on this earth to experience abundance. Let’s build it together. 


Get excited, there is a community of brilliant women waiting to welcome you!


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