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Do you have a longevity advisor? Investing in your future health is just as important as investing in your retirement account. Cut through the “anti-aging” BS and discover what kind of life you want to live NOW and when you’re 95! With education, guidance and execution of strategies, you can take control of your future health and longevity. 

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4 Pillars of Longevity


Physical activity is one of the most important ways to keep your body and brain performing at the highest levels. Discover which type is best for you, based on your preferences, genetic risk factors, and longevity goals.


What you eat has a direct impact on your physiological, cognitive and emotional states. No food is neutral, it is either beneficial or harmful. Everyone is different and has a unique biochemical makeup. Find out what your exact nutritional needs are.


Restoration includes sleep, meditation and actively managing stress to reduce chronic, systemic inflammation. Incorporating these into your daily life are essential when it comes to preserving your brain health and longevity.


Social isolation is one of the main predictors of mortality in later life, worse than a lifetime of smoking. True connection and a feeling of belonging leads to longer life... connection to yourself, to others, to nature, to the universe, and to a higher purpose. 

How you age is in your control. Do you have the tools you need to implement strategies that result in optimal physical and cognitive performance? 

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- Based on the theory of bio-individuality.

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8 weeks: $1200 

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Speaking Engagements

Do you need a Longevity Expert at your next event? Dr. Nicole has presented her programs and research around the globe. She is available for podcasts, small groups, retreats, and larger conferences that focus on health, wellness, longevity and aging. 


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"Nicole is my GO TO professional for all things health and wellness. She’s guiding me through my ‘aging process’ and makes sure I keep up with timely, health related, updates. She overwhelms me with her knowledge on gerontology and movement."

Susan, 67
Business Owner

"Nicole has helped me immensely. She is knowledgeable and has a wealth of knowledge. She cares about you as a person and wants you to succeed. I’m fortunate to have learned from her in the areas of fitness, nutrition and brain health"

Evelyn, 54
Leadership Expert

"I’m grateful to have Nicole’s help during one of the most stressful times in my life. Her enthusiasm in promoting human well-being, along with her compassionate nature, makes her a very knowledgeable person for enhancing physical and mental health."

Yo, 36

"It’s empowering to have this knowledgeable woman guide me through the complex and fascinating path of aging; she has given me the tools to make the best decisions for my health, short- and long-term. What Nicole offers is remarkable, individualized care at its best."

Hillary, 47

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