Aging Vibrantly: Your Midlife Manifesto

When's the last time you felt good in your body, vibrant even?

Midlife has its challenges but that doesn't mean the next chapter can't be your best one yet.

Longevity. Desire. Vibrancy = sexy smart aging


Hi! I'm Dr. Nicole Marcione

The Women's Sexy Smart Midlife Coach

Dr. Nicole Marcione is an expert in longevity, desire and vibrancy in midlife. She is the Founder of SexySmart Aging. She has a Ph.D from the University of Southern California (USC). Her doctoral research focused on how mind-body intervention affects on cognitive function, mobility and aging. She has her B.S. in Lifespan Health and M.S. in Gerontology from USC. Dr. Nicole works with clients all over the globe supporting them to feel engaged, powerful and confident in their unique aging process. She is an author and international speaker, teaching workshops and presenting her research worldwide. Her mission is to shift the paradigm around aging... from the current anti-aging BS to empowered aging. You can find her in Hermosa Beach, CA; living a life full of longevity, desire & vibrancy! La Dolce Vita.

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"Dr. Nicole Marcione is on to somethingĀ BIG and has opened my mind to a whole other level of health and wellness."

Dr. Madison Gray Jensen, DPT

"Longevity is a lifestyle and no one knows the route to success better than Dr. Nicole Marcione. I highly recommend her services to all who wish to enjoy life more fully."

Dylan S

"I was in a deep state of constant burnout. During this year with Nicole she has not only helped me get my mind, body and spirit back into balance, but she has helped me start living my life again"

Robin B

"So knowledgeable and intuitive, Nicole guided me every step of the way to feel into and release these energetic blockages [...] Iā€™ve been able to connect more intuitively to my body and my overall wellness."

Tyler B.

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