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EPISODE 22: How Embracing Our Sensual Self Enhances All Areas of Our Life with Dr. Diane Mueller, The Libido Doc

This week, we sit down with the captivating Dr. Diane Mueller, a.k.a. "My Libido Doc," and uncover the intricate and complex world of libido, pleasure, and sensuality. Drawing from her own life journey, which includes fluctuations in libido and experiences with shame and guilt, Dr. Diane illuminates the often misunderstood and overlooked correlation between chronic diseases and libido. Her insights help us see the value of addressing our sexual desires and the transformative power of reclaiming one's libido. Ever wondered about the intersection of business and sexuality? Well, it’s time to satisfy that curiosity. Dr. Diane helps us understand how embracing our sensual selves can enhance not just our personal lives but also our professional growth. We also tackle the uncomfortable resistance people often feel when discussing sensuality and sexuality, providing strategies to overcome and address it. As we delve into the world of chronic illnesses, we unravel its impact on women's libido and sensuality. We discuss the journey from survival to thriving and underscore the importance of not allowing a diagnosis to define one's identity. Wrapping up the episode, we explore the reflection of our overall health in our sexual well-being. She discusses the role of sexual satisfaction in single individuals, providing practical advice for regulating the mind, promoting healing in the nervous system, and enhancing sexual health. And while we are doctors, remember we are not your personal medical professionals, and these discussions are for informational purposes only. We hope you leave this episode feeling enlightened and empowered, ready to explore the many facets of your own sexuality.


(02:58 - 03:56) Sexual Health Summit and Libido Journey

(06:57 - 08:25) Normalizing Female Sexual Health

(18:42 - 19:39) The Power of Conversations in Healthcare

(25:12 - 26:35) Transitioning From Victim to Empowerment

(29:30 - 31:09) The Importance of Nervous System Health

(36:12 - 37:32) Building Habits for Challenging Days

(38:58 - 40:52) Healthy Habits and Strong Nervous Systems

(42:43 - 43:40) Curiosity's Power

(46:35 - 48:31) Where you can find Dr. Diane and her upcoming Women’s Health Summit

Connect with Dr. Diane here:

The Solving Sexual Dysfunction Summit (December 12-18): 


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